The Children Are Talking…!

The children have spoken and are speaking again.

Ten years ago a six year-old boy revealed secrets of the Geulah, and they almost materialized. But “almost” didn’t actually happen, unfortunately.  Now, someone has a daughter in Israel who is telling her dreams.  The time is riper than ever.

Read the similarities.  Here are some examples. The boy’s words (from ten years ago) in blue, the  girl’s words in pink:


She said all of us will have wings in the future and will be able to transport ourselves super quick, except Moshiach, Eliyahu and Moshe didn’t need them

Moshiach’s eagle will take every Jew to Israel and when we get there we will grow our own wings. The wings will be the eagle’s extra wings. The patriarchs and Rebbeim won’t need wings. The Eagle will take us to the Western Wall in Jerusalem


…we lowered [the Beis Hamikdash] back onto the space right next to the Arab’s mosque above the kotel.

The Third Bais Hamikdash (Holy Temple) will (as stated in Midrash and the Zohar) come down from heaven, next to the Moslem dome (behind the Western Wall). It will cause a “little” earthquake, enough to destroy the dome and “all the avoda zara domes (places of idolotry).” It will “rain hail to destroy the bad-guys’ property.”

The Bais Hamikdash will subsequently move over to where the Moslem dome is presently situated…The Arabs will not be able to see the Bais Hamikdash. They will be angry that their dome was destroyed and will make a “small war” against the Jews, which will last one day.


She said a huge round rainbow formed in the sky and protected us.

The rainbow (mentioned in the Zohar) will tell the bad gentiles to run away because Moshiach is here. Bad gentiles will run away in fear, but we will “comfort them” to bring them out of hiding so that we can kill them once and for all (“otherwise they would still bother us and tease us.”)


She told me today that while they were in the sky…, she could see the world being covered totally by water which happened very quickly and then just as quickly, everything extra receded and they could land back in Eretz Yisrael again.

…big rainstorms (originating from the Dead Sea) that create a tremendous flood. This, too, will take place everywhere except the land of Israel. The rain becomes a downpour of “fire, tar, and fuel” but “only on places of bad people.” The flood will kill the descendents of the bad people, but not the bad people themselves…. the water will go all the way up above all the buildings. Jews (including non-religious Jews) and righteous non-Jews will float up and up on the water to shomayim (Heaven)…the Jews will come down in a single parachute”, landing in Eretz Yisrael, then suddenly “each of us will be back in our place, like magic.”


…travelling to Yerushalim just took a moment of concentration.

“We won’t need electricity, we won’t need cars. If we want to go somewhere we’ll just have to think it and we’ll be there.”

Think Moshiach, act Geulah, be a winner–very soon!


Read the childrens’ words in the original:

Erev Moshiach (A Little Boy’s Visions of Geulah)

A Little Girl’s Dream of Geulah, Part 1

A Little Girl’s Dream of Geulah, Part 2

One Response to “The Children Are Talking…!”

  1. To all those skeptics who are asking, “Why should we believe these stories?” I agree with you. In fact, Shlomo HaMelech says, “A fool believes anything…” (Mishlei 14:15).

    However, the Zohar tells us, “When the days of the Messiah approach, even children will be able to discover secrets of wisdom and through them be able to calculate the end of time, then it will be revealed to all” (Parshas Vayeira 118a).

    The Zohar was not categorizing whether the children or child would be mentally challenged or not.

    Yet, today we have no prophets. Didn’t Amos (3:7) say, “Hashem will not do anything unless He has revealed His secret to His servants the prophets?”

    There are two sources that say differently:
    1) Gemara (Bava Basra 12a-b) says: “Since the day the Beis HaMikdosh was destroyed, prophecy was taken from the prophets and given to both sages and shotim [mentally unbalanced people].”

    2) Yo’el (3:1) states, “It will happen after this, that I will pour out My spirit upon all flesh and your sons and daughters will prophesy; your elders will dream [prophetic] dreams and young men will see visions. Rashi explains that “It will happen after this” is referring to the future (i.e. end of days). Regarding “upon all flesh,” Rashi says to see chapter 36 in Yechezkeil.

    In addition, Igeres Teyman (at the end of chapter 3) says that there will be a restoration of prophecy even before the actual manifestation of Mashiach (Cf. Likkutei Sichot, vol. II: Balak, page 88f).

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