“Shifting” Into High Gear

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The first day of the month of Nissan is the “New Year for Kings”.

If a Jewish King assumed the throne on, say, the 11th of Shevat, his first year is nonetheless counted from the following 1st of Nissan. So, really, our 66th year began, according to Torah, nine days prior to this post.

And now that the 66th year has started (according to Torah) the earth is shaking.  The children of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob need fear not. All of this is so that the Almighty’s Chosen People can inherit the land.

“Have no fear, all that I have done I did for you.”

Suddenly! There it is!

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There is nothing to see.


The holy Zohar tells that the star of Mashiach will appear when the “seventh window” is opened.  When that happens, we’ll see the star in all its glory!  Until then–nothing but vain imaginings.

Keep your eyes in the Torah and you won’t miss the star, not even by a moment. But you’ll help the seventh window open sooner.

Where to Point Your Telescope

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Keep your eyes on the star of Mashiach.


Train your telescopes to the following coordinates (in the holy Zohar):

In fact, you don’t need a telescope. To bring Mashiach faster, sooner you need Torah.

In the Zohar, Mashiach’s star is clear, in full-color. Blurry i-phone blog pictures are…blurry.

Imaxresdefaultf a movie came out about some star or planet or comet heading to earth, it would get people talking.  Then we would pull out the Zohar and educate them.  Even though it was just a movie, not real at all.  A crackpot-theory about a star/planet/comet heading for earth doesn’t need to be any more real than a Hollywood blockbuster, it just has to get people talking.

But for us it’s the same bottom line: our head should be in the truth. Our discussion should be in the truth. No need to dissect the fantasies, no need to take a magnifying glass to the blurry photos. Just point your telescope at what it says in the Zohar and see truth!

The 66th Year

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The Zohar speaks of Moshiach being revealed in the 66th year … a star appears in the sky … wars break out … the Redemption arrives.  Translations of these passages of the Zohar were posted on this site almost 8 years ago.  That “planet” that is being spoken about lately has been under discussion (at least by the types who are concerned with such fringe ideas) for over 20 years.

What happened this year?

Why, suddenly, in the month of Shevat of this year (January, on the secular calendar) did we suddenly start hearing about a planet/star/comet coming towards Earth?  Why did the so-called “Geulah blogosphere” (did I get that right?) start murmuring about it?

What happened in Shevat of this year?  How does it connect to the “66th year” of the Zohar?

Ask Rabbi Google: What happened on Yud Shevat?

This year we entered the 66th year.

The 66th Year started on Yud Shvat this year — 5776

66th Year of…what, exactly??

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We have reached the stage where even the exile reveals that it is nothing more than a tool for bringing the Geulah.

Note: a crackpot-theory of a distant planet, based on a dubious reading of ancient Sumerian texts (the Torah tells us how Hashem created man, nothing to do with any alien race, thank you) gets ratcheted up a notch to become a super-crackpot-theory involving sinister global conspiracies and the imminent arrival of this dubious distant planet.

For 20 years it remains on the fringe. A Torah Jew for sure never heard of it. Suddenly it pops into the discussion of Moshiach and Geulah. What gives? 

Please, don’t be confused: it remains a crackpot-theory. But it is also a crude hint that is meant to bring our attention to the true matter at hand: in the year 66 Moshiach will be revealed…one star will appear…etc.

If this was the whole point, it would be interesting enough.  But notice: the very name they have given this star/planet/crackpot-theory is an open hint to the 66th year!

Three letters of the name (as they spell it in Hebrew) have the numerical value of 66 (6=נ=50,י=10,ו).  And what do the other three letters spell (ב,י,ר)?  

You may need to switch the letters around. Please work independently.

Furthermore: what is it the 66th year of anyway?  What happened in תשי”א – 5711?

It’s all making sense, now………………..

A Star is Born

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There is a buzz…it is “now trending”…a star is born (or, at least, the ” buzz” has been born).

It’s not the first time there was a buzz.

Who remembers “ErevMoshiach“, raise your hand?

That little boy (who by now might be old enough to vote) put it like this:

Two “shooting stars” will appear in the sky (“Moshiach is in them”). One comes from the earth to the sky, the other from above to below, coming and going each night. These shooting stars will “explode” every time they appear. “Two Moshiachs will come out, riding on a donkey, and they will connect (“close up together”) to be one big Moshiach. “

Mashiach’s Star: A wondrous miracle!

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If the geulah will be through the merits of Israel it will be a thing of wonder and the redeemer of Israel will be revealed from the Heavens with wonder and sign, as it says in the Zohar.

This is hinted at in the statement that “a star shoots forth from Yaakov” that the redeemer will shine forth from the Heavens.  And there is also a hint to the star which goes forth in the midst of the Heavens as a wondrous miracle as it says in the Zohar.

From the Holy Ohr Hachaim commentary to parashat Balak

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