The Year 66 = 770 (do the math)

The Zohar states:

בשיתין ושית יתגלה מלכא משיחא

It translates as  “in sixty (שיתין) and six (שית) the King Moshiach will be revealed”.

This year is the 66th year.

How can we know that the Zohar is talking about this 66th year? (After all, every year is the 66th year from 66 years before…)

Do the gematria of the Zohar:

שיתין = 770

The significance of that I don’t think needs to be explained.

Furthermore: שית is the letters “tof shin yud”, the Hebrew year 5710 (1950) that sets the stage for the 66 year count:


Not for nothing are we hearing that big Rabbis are saying that Moshiach will come this year, that Moshiach is already here.

Open your eyes, and get ready for Hashem to show you miracles.



2 Responses to “The Year 66 = 770 (do the math)”

  1. How does this prove anything? No Rabbi said Moshiach is here except the RUMOR that Rav Kanievsky said it to an avel. A few specific Rabbanim that been talking about Moshiach for the past MANY years.

  2. The sooner he comes, the better.

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