Where to Point Your Telescope

Keep your eyes on the star of Mashiach.


Train your telescopes to the following coordinates (in the holy Zohar):

In fact, you don’t need a telescope. To bring Mashiach faster, sooner you need Torah.

In the Zohar, Mashiach’s star is clear, in full-color. Blurry i-phone blog pictures are…blurry.

Imaxresdefaultf a movie came out about some star or planet or comet heading to earth, it would get people talking.  Then we would pull out the Zohar and educate them.  Even though it was just a movie, not real at all.  A crackpot-theory about a star/planet/comet heading for earth doesn’t need to be any more real than a Hollywood blockbuster, it just has to get people talking.

But for us it’s the same bottom line: our head should be in the truth. Our discussion should be in the truth. No need to dissect the fantasies, no need to take a magnifying glass to the blurry photos. Just point your telescope at what it says in the Zohar and see truth!

3 Responses to “Where to Point Your Telescope”

  1. Right Interpretation.

  2. Mashiach’s star, indeed.

  3. Mashiach is the star of Shekhinah, the Holy Spirit that started to manifest on Rosh Hashanah 5776 on Har Habait. Now Shekhinah spreads gradually all over the world. It’s unstoppable, thus the evil inclination, yetser hara of humanity, will vanish.

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