Doomsday: It Isn’t Really Doomsday At All

It sounds very dramatic: “DOOMSDAY” (!) — and it seems to fit the description.

But…it isn’t really Doomsday at all. (Sorry to disappoint…)

When children go to the “Haunted House” at the amusement park, they get scared.  The parents are not scared. And in the end, nobody is touched, even not a hair on the head.

There is no “safe place” because every Jew is inherently safe.  The question is:

Is our trust in the Almighty G-d like that of a child, or like that of a parent?

Each one’s outlook will determine his or her view,



the (gasp) "Doomsday Experience"



the (ahhh) Coming of Mashiach Experience!

Whichever the case, every Jew will come out untouched, awakening to the light of the long-awaited redemption.

But the Holy One, blessed be He, is helping us to grow out of being children. The posts on this site are intended to be a contribution in that direction: knowing what to expect is a big part of the difference between the child and the parent (the other part–bigger and far more important–is knowing Who is really in control and trusting in His benevolence).

The seemingly physical walls of this world of exile and lies will fall, we must know that we are not falling with it.

Be happy–the “Doomsday” of the world of lies is the liberation of truth and the Holy Nation!


…to be continued…


2 Responses to “Doomsday: It Isn’t Really Doomsday At All”

  1. Great post! Thank you. Please continue.. Moshiach now.

  2. The safest place for a Jew to be is in the Palm of Hashem’s Hand!!

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