“Doomsday”: The Tremblings

The world will tremble.  It has already begun, and will increase. Those who say so are correct.

Earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, you name it.  One here, one there, another someplace else.  The pace will increase.  But casualties will not be enormous. Chesed Hashem–this is Geulah, after all!

Don’t waste your time on “earthquake watch”, the “volcano watch”:

This doesn’t bring Mashiach.  

Learn Torah, do good deeds–this brings Mashiach.

The pace of “tremblings” will increase until “the entire world will shake and all world will hide themselves in caves and clefts in the rocks, and they won’t think to be saved.” (Zohar Shemot 7a)

(There is a place on earth where these tremblings will not be felt, but there is no purpose to publicize it.)


2 Responses to ““Doomsday”: The Tremblings”

  1. Rivka Klein Says:

    Why won’t you comment “where” we will be safe?

    • Vision of Geulah Says:

      There is a famous saying that reflects on the power of trusting in the Almighty: “Think good, and it will be good”. If one truly trusts that everything is under direct Divine Providence of the Almighty he will see the hand of G-d in a revealed way. If not, fear will reign in his world, r”l.

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