5771 — What does it add?

5770, a new degree of completion.  5771, “plus one”.

More could have been accomplished and we would not need calendars for 5771.  But “no use crying over spilt milk”.

5770 refers to a level of completion of our tasks in this world.  It has a numerical value of “the house of Mashiach”.  The House which “houses” Mashiach.

5771 adds the letter ‘alef’ (=1), which implies the revelation of G-dliness.  5771 Mashiach comes to dwell in his house.

What are we waiting for??!!  If we were using our time properly, Mashiach would have been revealed to us quite some time ago.

We have to greet Mashiach!


3 Responses to “5771 — What does it add?”

  1. Even though last year was 5770, the world was only 5769 years old. Now that it is 5771, the world has completed 5770 years and is 5770 in age. Perhaps that is more significant. We also just entered a new decade. I think we will go through a major shift starting sometime this year. I don’t think we can lie to ourselves. I think very difficult and scary things are going to happen.

  2. Yes, don’t be frightened; you’re right, scary things are about to happen over the next few years, the scariest are not the bombs but the propaganda dressed in ‘care’ and ‘rights’; but we know the end. Stay focused.

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