Mashiach is no longer bound and tied.  Mashiach has been unchained.  This is some time already.  This means “Mashiach already came”.

Sounds strange?  Where is he?  I don’t see him, probably you don’t either.

He is here.  He is simultaneously within you and within me.  He is here, he came.  We possess the power of the Redemption in its entirety.

What we lack is revelation.  We have to reveal Mashiach.

We have to reveal Mashiach but we don’t know how.  We have to open our eyes, but we didn’t figure out yet how to do it.

Begging Hashem to help us will certainly work–He cannot resist the sincere requests of His beloved only son Israel.

Time is moving quicky. We need to be prepared.  Big things coming, big things.

Mashiach is here, it is up to us to reveal him.  Now!

5 Responses to “Mashiach–Unchained”

  1. can you please elaborate on this? how do you know thats where we are holding?

  2. We shall hide him where no man shall look, so close that he will be not be seen.

    He lies in the heart of everyman; and is felt like faith; not seen like the illusion around us is.

  3. There needs to be a video and manual out there right now so that people can follow the HOW TO REVEAL MOSHIACH step by step. For Dummies – whatever – just make it readable and understandable by the layperson in everyday language. Simple, simple, simple. Get the info out – How to Reveal. People don’t know How to Reveal. They don’t know much of anything – you have to spell it out – step by step – action, words and thought. Put it on YouTube – let it go viral.

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