The Holy Temple: The Place For Sacrifices

The Holy Temple in Jerusalem was twice destroyed in these days.

Why do we miss this Temple?  Was it really so much more beautiful than some other ancient buildings made of rocks?

Because it was in this spot that the Priests the Kohanim would offer the “sacrifices”.

What was a sacrifice in the Holy Temple?  An animal was brought, slaughtered in the kosher manner as prescribed by the Torah, skinned and cleaned.  Some parts of the animal were given as gifts to the Priests, sometimes the Jew who brought the sacrifice would eat other parts.  Sound like the ancient version of Agriprocessors?

The main part of the Temple was the Altar where the sacrifices were burned.  This Altar was called “Ariel” because a heavenly fire in the form of a lion (Hebrew: Ari) would come down and consume the spiritual dimension of the animal that was being sacrificed.  What was left were the physical ashes of the physical skin.

This is the transformation of the physical to the spiritual.  The spiritual is concealed within, bound to the physical.  Through being burned on the Altar, the physical aspect was reduced to ash and the spiritual was able to ascend in the heavenly fire.

It was the greatest destiny of any animal for its material body to be consumed in fire on the Altar and its spiritual dimension to be free to ascend heavenward.

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