Mission Accomplished?

Did you finish the mission your soul was sent here to accomplish?

If the answer is yes (and who can be so sure…?), the coming year will be over in the blink of an eye, you will shake off the dust of this world and ascend, to don the garments your soul created while in this world over numerous incarnations (gilgulim).  My friend–“You are a winner!” (“Winner” in the holy tongue comes from the root word meaning “refined”–you refined your soul, your body, your portion of the world, and now you are outta here!)

(What is next we can call “Mashiach World”, and we can discuss it in a future post.)

And what if, G.d forbid, a Jew was maybe a bit lazy and didn’t avail himself of all the opportunities to accomplish his mission.  (The mission of a soul not only the 613 mitzvot, but more than that.  The frumkeit of a Jew does not reveal whether he completed his mission.) The light will come, this Jew will be elevated along with all of his bretheren, only–I’m so sorry–he must return to the dust of this world to complete his mission.  He is lacking the complete refinement that he had to accomplish.  But he will not forget what he say “up there” (it’s all right here, of course), and even if he was lazy before he will not be lazy now, after he comes back “here”.  Because he will really really want to get “back there” at the big feast with all of his friends and family (and all Jews are friends and family).

No one will be left behind.  The only question is which “flight” are you booked on.  Of course maybe we are all booked on the first “red eye” of Mashiach’s Eagle airlines.

Please fasten your seatbelts, we are preparing for takeoff!


2 Responses to “Mission Accomplished?”

  1. Prior to our arrival on earth, we sit with G-d. Our purpose is agreed. Most of us lose our purpose as it is only in true faith that it is kept alive within us.
    War is not good as it is opposes love.
    Be true in your faith and fulfill your brotherly obligation. No man will be judged here but only upon their return.

  2. Watching an array

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