Each Moment Counts (more than ever)

These are “pregnant times”.

We are preparing for “lift off”.

Every moment counts (more than ever).  “Pack your bags” with Torah and Mitzvot.  Help others to do the same.  Fill your moments with sincere tefilah, words of Tehillim, fill the air with holiness.  These are the weapons of the future: Torah and Mitzvot and Tefillot.  Fill the arsenal now.  “Today, to do them”

We are rapidly approaching the elevation of the worlds.  The elevation of malchut.  The eyes will be opened, and the perception will be beyond words.  Then we will understand the prophecies.

Don’t squander these last days.  Recite words of Torah while you sit at your desk at work.  Tell the person next to you about Mashiach–his soul already knows all about it.

Tell him that next year is 5770!


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