Hear this: You will not need to buy a calendar for 5771, 5772, 5773, etc.

The darkness will cease, the exile will cease, the children of Israel will return home.  Goodbye to this dusty rock, this dusty lower world of shells/klipah. Arise, shake off the dust

What is the 770th year of the 6th millenium?

770 is, by the way, gematria PARATZA, as in “and you shall burst forth (PARATZTA) westward, eastward, northward and southward” (Genesis 28:14).

PARATZTA (770) is Mashiach, as in “the one who breaks forth has gone up before them” (Micha 2:13).  Rashi: “This is their savior”.

770 is the number 7 in its most complete and perfect form: 70 = 7×10 (10=completion); 700=7x10x10 (10×10=completion of completion).  770 combines both.

The number 7 is the world: created in 7 days, 7 sefirot.  “It is the refinement of the world carried out by the Jewish people.  The complete form of seven (770) is the completion of the Jewish people’s mission of refining the world-after which they are redeemed from exile and return to the Land of Israel.” (from “Beit Rabbeinu sh-b-Bavel”)

Only hints?  Yes, hints, not proofs.  Mashiach is not “proven” with gematria and words.  This blog is not here to waste your time with proofs and hints and the like.  This blog exists for one purpose: to reveal.

The year 5770 is the end of the Jewish presence in this dark, hard, cold world.

We will ascend – each and every member of the Jewish nation – to the state of GEULAH.  The true, supernal Land of Israel.  What will happen down here, be it destruction or be it peace, will not concern usDid we wonder what was going on in Egypt after we left slavery??!

Smile and finish your mission!!


7 Responses to “5770”

  1. I have issues with your gematria calculations. Certainly I do yearn for Mashiach to come and reverse the course of collision we are headed for.

    it just doesn’t convince me enough that your calcs are right

    • visionofgeulah Says:

      Truthfully, calculations are worthless. We are beyond the calculations. The gematria in this post are only to explain the meaning of 770. Mashiach will come in 5770, but not because of gematria. The whole matter is above intellect.

      Don’t look for proofs, look for Mashiach. 🙂

  2. Certainly fits with the Rebbe’s Sichos.

  3. thanks for the cool gematria; there is also that
    the earth IS the holy temple; the sacred eretz
    770 = tesha=9 because the kingdom/Malchuth and the foundation/Yesod -the soul of earth and levanah/moon have joined as one;we now have nine depths/sephirot revealing as of this eclipse on 1Av and as of 9 of AV.
    the people on the moon on the 9AV in the year 1971CE were a hint at what was to come!

  4. BS”D

    Moshiach coming in 5770 doesn’t mean you dont need a calendar for 5771, oh come on! The down side of all the talk about Moshiach’s coming is that it is done by nutcases (present company excluded of course…)

    If you look at Toras Menachem Chelek 1, the first page, the Rebbe says that Hod of Hod is the recepticle for Tiferes of Tiferes, which is Lechatchila Ariber which is Geulah. This means a practical avodah of giving yourself over to Hashem, but you have to be normal about it. I know it sounds cryptic, I don’t mean to be. I speak about it in a video in more details http://www.youtube.com/kabbalahrendel.

    • visionofgeulah Says:

      Moshiach coming in 5770 doesn’t mean you dont need a calendar for 5771
      Indeed it does.
      Just like you won’t need a plane and won’t need a car, you won’t need a calandar!
      In more simple terms which even the “baalei niglah” among us can grasp: When Mashiach comes and is revealed the restored Sanhedrin will declare the new moon based on testimony, not on a calculated calendar. 🙂 (But really its even more exciting than that.)


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