Mashiach and Every Jew and Mashiach

Mashiach is Mashiach.  He is a star–the star that shoots forth from Yaacov.

Every Jew is also Mashiach.  And every Jew is also a star–the star that shoots forth from Yaacov.

The tzaddikim of all generations are stars.  The rest of us still down here are almost finished “cooking”.  Getting ready for “A Star is Born”.

Mashiach, the one we are awaiting, is our collective soul.

Very very soon (so soon!) the potential tzaddikim down here (you, me, aunt Esther, uncle Bernie) will burst out and all the stars above will unify and we with them and with this will reveal Mashiach, our Mashiach with whom we are truly one.

He was down here for all to see, and some recognized and some didn’t.

Soon we will all be one.

Figure out who he is, it will make it all happen so much sooner!

One Response to “Mashiach and Every Jew and Mashiach”

  1. not so Dovid. Your lasagna last night existed because Hashem willed it to exists every moment , one minute it could be on your table the next minute nothing at all. On the other hand the Neshoma of a Jew (and the body too , but we wont get into that right now) , the pintela yid is ONE with Hashem – and exists as G-d exists, eternally. As the Alter Rebbe states – Chelek Eloka MaMaSH.

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