The “Iron Man” Analogy

This is a clumsy analogy, very very physicalized, obscures more than it reveals.  But perhaps it can help us to grasp the transformation that will occur.

Imagine for a moment a being made of magnetic energy. Let’s say it has the identical form of a human being: head, torso, arms, legs, etc.  But it is pure magnetic energy.

This “magnetic energy man” is physical, but a dimension of physicality that is very refined and subtle: we can’t see magnetic energy, can’t feel it.  We couldn’t imagine what this man looks like, because we can’t visualize something so subtle like force or energy.

Now imagine that this pure, refined being of magnetic energy took a wrong turnMagnet with Iron Filings and walked into a storehouse of rusty iron filings. Hint: if you bring a magnet near some iron filings what happens?   They cling to the magnet. (see photo)

Imagine how this “magnetic energy man” looks now.  Not so pure and refined any more.  In fact, he looks heavy, physical, and quite rusty.  Because he looks like the iron filings he is covered with!

This is an analogy for the human being after the fall from Gan Eden (the “Garden of Eden”).  Adam Harishon, the first man, is the one who fell into the storehouse of rusty iron filings.  The rusty iron filings are klipa.  The shells of impurity which block the revelation of G-dliness in the world and in Adam Harishon himself (and his offspring).

You and I (offspring of Adam Harishon) are luminous beings covered in a veil of klipa.  In the language of our analogy here, we are beings of pure magnetic energy covered with rusty bits of iron.  When we look in the mirror we see rusty iron.  When we look at our friend we see rusty iron.  We don’t even realize what is beneath!  And if we have a vague conception that there is something there, underneath the rusty iron, we still think the rusty iron is part of  “us”.   We don’t realize that the iron is not us, never was us, and will never be us.  And not only that, but it completely obscures the real us underneath.

What is more, this obscurity is not only on the outside (the “body”) but relates to the mind as well.  We don’t only look  like rusty iron, we think like rusty iron.

But this is about to come to an end.

“I will remove the spirit of impurity from the face of the earth”. Goodbye to the rusty iron filings.  Goodbye to the lie.

One Response to “The “Iron Man” Analogy”

  1. Demons are parasites that stick to the souls to suck their energy. They tempt you using your weaknesses and if you yield and sin, you feed them with a portion of energy of your soul.

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