Grasp the Tree of Life

In the Holy Zohar it states: “With this work of yours, which is the Book of the Zohar no trial is needed.”

The neshamot of our generation could not understand the teachings of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai in the Holy Zohar except that the Holy Arizal came and explained them and then Rabbi Chayim Vital came and explained them and then the Holy Baal Shem Tov came and explained them and the Holy Baal Hatanya came and explained them until the Holy Zohar the soul of Torah could reach us, the last and the smallest generation. The generation of Mashiach.

Today, Baruch Hashem, the teachings of Pnimiyut Hatorah are everywhere in every language on the internet on CD etc etc. There is nothing standing in the way of a Jew today tasting the from the Tree of Life (Pnimiyut Hatorah is the Tree of Life, see the Zohar III Raya Mehemna page 124b). There is nothing standing in the way except maybe himself.


There are tests now.  Financial tests, health, wars, etc etc.  When the Ohr comes, meaning the Ohr of Mashiach the Light of Mashiach to elevate all the worlds and our nefesh ruach neshama we will find ourselves elevated beyond where even Adam Harishon resided in the Gan Eden (Garden of Eden).  Gan Eden is a garden watered by the rivers of Eden.  Adam though was never in Eden itself.

Surely we do not want to undergo trial there too?

The choice is offered now: taste of the tree of Life (Pnimiyut Hatorah) or create the need to undergo trials.

Feast: Sit at the table of Mashiach at the spiritual feast of Leviyatan and allow Hashem to do battle, breaking the shells and redeeming sparks that they can join us at the feast with Mashiach.  The opposite of war.  Like the psalm says “My soul was redeemed in peace”.

OR undergo trials: Meaning, leave the table in the middle to go stand face to face against the darkest darkness, the sum of all the evil that we have within in us here in this world.  Yes, over there it won’t be “within” anymore, but to battle it even from the outside will be a trial.

Afraid? Then probably you are not grasping firmly on the Tree of Life.  Grasp it!  Taste it!  There is nothing preventing you!  A taste of the “future Torah” of Mashiach is here now, in 70 languages — 24-7!

Not Afraid? Perhaps your soul is calmed by grasping the Tree of Life.  In that case, the call of the hour is “love your fellow Jew as yourself”.  You must help him!  Find a way to awaken his own desire to taste from the Tree of Life (Pnimiyut Hatorah) so that he can be redeemed mercifully without need for trial.  And help him take on another mitzvah and another mitzvah so that he can finish his mission in this world.  The 1-2 punch of kedusha!

It is in our G.d-given power to bring every single Jew to taste from the Tree of Life so that all of Israel will “go out of exile with mercy”.


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