The Geulah: Some Details

We all have a mission to accomplish.  Some go more slowly, some go more quickly, but everyone will complete their mission.  Do more Mitzvot and help others to do more Mitzvot and we can all get out of this dank basement a lot quicker.

Some will finish their mission by the time Mashiach comes.  Some will not be finished.

In any case, the Light of Mashiach will shine forth and will elevate every single Jew to a level where each one will “see” their world to come.  The nefesh ruach neshama will be elevated right out of the “body”.  The evil within shall be removed.

If your Mission is finished, you  will be elevated (“up up and away” in a spiritual sense, no rocket ships necessary) with no need to return to this level of material existence.  You emptied out Mitzrayim, there is nothing here for you to return to.  You will be gathered to Mashiach, you will be a soldier in the army of the King.  For you, “material” and “physical” will refer to a much more refined (i.e. “spiritual”) dimension of existence.

And if your mission is not finished?  Your nefesh ruach return to this material world, the sub-basement of all creation.  Your neshama, however, will remain Above.  By performing Mitzvot down below, you will supply power to those Above.  This will continue until you have completed your mission, and they your nefesh ruach will also ascend, and you will join Mashiach.

It is going to happen soon, so what are you waiting for??!  Get a move on!!! Turn off the computer and complete your mission!

And if you will ask “How do I do that?”, then know it is simply by doing what G.d Almighty asks of you in His Torah of TRUTH!


3 Responses to “The Geulah: Some Details”

  1. Greetings, I posted my site, just after 9/11. Several of the themes you cover in your blog are echoed in mine as well. I’m not asking for a link, but you might want to take a look. Dovid Gross, Beitar

  2. Rivkah Klein Says:

    Are you preparing us for our death…of our physical bodies?

  3. visionofgeulah Says:

    No, Rivka, this is Mashiach! It has not happened in the world until now. The beginning of true life, the very opposite of d….

    There will be more posts to explain, G.d willing

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