Elevation of the Ruach

His Ruach undresses itself from his physical body, and it [the body] is left behind in This World. Then the Ruach receives its punishment by bathing in the river Dinar [where it is purified of the pollution caused to it by the desires aroused by the physical world. This purification of attachment to worldly desires enables it to enter the Lower Garden of Eden.] Afterwards it enters the Garden of Eden of This World, and there it has a different body of light prepared for it. This body of light is in exactly the same form as the body was in the physical world. The Ruach puts it on and attunes itself to it, and that Lower Gan Eden is its regular dwelling place.

Zohar Shalach page 159

One Response to “Elevation of the Ruach”

  1. When you mean the same form, do you mean with or without born / self-inflicted faults they acquired during their life times?

    As it’s said that in the future, the blind will see, the deaf will hear, etc.

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