Carlos asks: Nuclear War?

Carlos bnei noach asks:

I’m a ben noach, I dont understand, can any one explain to me this post please.

The real aliyah means nuclear war?

VisionOfGeulah says:

Real aliyah means going above “this world”.This world is the bottom of a dark pit.

By our efforts we reveal Mashiach.

We reveal G.dliness in this dark pit.

By Mashiach’s G.d given abilities, Mashiach will gather all the Jews to the Eretz Elyona, the true Land of Israel.

Mashiach is a spiritual “Superman” (didn’t Superman also say “up up and away”?

But this is a spiritual elevation.  The spiritual elevation of all sparks of holiness in this world.

And everything else, the “shells”, will be left down here where they began.

We don’t need a nuclear war to do it, but you’re right it will be like a nuclear explosion in the Jewish neshama (soul)!

And yes Carlos, you too. Because those who are true “Bnei Noach”, who keep the 7 commandments because G.d revealed Himself to Moses and Israel at Mount Sinai, is considered one of the “pious of the Nations”.  He has attached himself to Israel, and he will go with them.


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