Spirit of man/spirit of beast (adam/behema)

“Who knows that the spirit of the man is that which ascends on high and the spirit of the beast is that which descends below to the earth?” (Kohelet 3:21)

What’s going on?

What’s going up? (Up up and away!!!)

(And what’s going down..)

Up (aliyah) to Eretz Haelyona (the Upper Eretz Yisrael).

Down (the spirit of the behema) to an emptied-out world.  Emptied out of all G-dliness, like the first redemption from Egypt.

Yosef gathered all gold and silver of the world to Mitzrayim – “Va’Ylaket Yosef Es Kol ha’Kesef ha’Nimtza” …When Yisrael left Mitzrayim, they took it with them – “Va’Ynatzlu Es Mitzrayim”; Yisrael emptied out Mitzrayim like a Metzudah (trap) without grain (to attract birds);  they emptied Mitzrayim like the Metzulah (depths) is empty of fish.

(Tractate Pesachim 119a)

Do you wonder what will happen down in familiar Mitzrayim after Israel leaves, after kedusha departure time, after the ruach ascends Above?  The question itself is GALUT and when Mashiach (very, VERY soon) shines his light to take us out of galut, the question itself will cease to concern you.

In the meantime, start to live with Mashiach, make the effort.  Not an effort to understand the fate of Mitzrayim, no, make an effort to ignore the walls of galut as they burn down and make an effort to perceive the GEULAH that is being revealed.

Becuase soon your רוּחַ בְּנֵי הָאָדָם ruach bnei adam will be ascending upwards (yes, your friends in Israel will be coming too), and your רוּחַ הַבְּהֵמָה ruach behema (your own personal, custom-fit Mitzrayim that you know so well) will be left to descend down as the “metzudah without grain” (also known as the “metzulah without fish”).

The countdown to liftoff has begun…

Ready to make the real aliyah?

Ready to make the real aliyah? (NASA space launch, for illustration purposes only)


3 Responses to “Spirit of man/spirit of beast (adam/behema)”

  1. this is the only geulah web site that makes sense!

  2. visionofgeulah Says:

    Real aliyah means going above “this world”.
    This world is the bottom of a dark pit.
    By our efforts we reveal Mashiach.
    We reveal G.dliness in this dark pit.
    By Mashiach’s G.d given abilities (a spiritual Superman–didn’t Superman also say “up up and away”?) Mashiach will gather all the Jews to the Eretz Elyona, the true Land of Israel. A spiritual elevation.

    The spiritual elevation of all sparks of holiness in this world.
    And everything else, the “shells” will be left down here where they began.

    We don’t need a nuclear war to do it, but you’re right it will be like a nuclear explosion in the Jewish neshama!

    And yes Carlos, you too. Because anyone who is a true “Bnei Noach” who is keeping the 7 commandments because G.d revealed Himself to Moses and Israel at Mount Sinai is considered one of the “pious of the Nations”. He has attached himself to Israel, and he will go with them.

  3. […] We are preparing for “lift off”. […]

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