Conversion From the Physical to the Spiritual

Matter and energy.

A metaphor for gashmiyut (physicality) and ruchaniyut (spirituality).

Pnimiyut Hatorah explains that physical Creation is contracted Divine Light.  Light in a state of galut.

Modern physics declares: Mass is Energy. (Or in other words: “G-d transforms the spiritual into something material; Israel transforms the material into something spiritual.”)

As predicted by Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai in the Holy Zohar:

“In the year 600 of the sixth [millennium], the gates of wisdom above and the wellsprings of wisdom below will be opened, and the world will prepare to enter the seventh [millennium].” (I Zohar 117a)

We are going back home.  Back to the “Garden” (Gan Eden).  Before we were expelled from there, the original “galut” (exile).

The teaching of the Previous Rebbe says that the previous state should come back to make the world a garden of G-d as it once was. You ask how?

The answer: Press the right button! The one who presses the button need not know how atomic energy works or how it will influence the whole world! He must just push the right button at the right time! Even if he does not understand what he does, there must be the action! When G-d directs us, there must be an act in response, even before we hear what He demands: “We will do and we will listen!” We all know this!

We speak not of faith or religiosity — rather only of the action. Are you afraid that one who is not normal (spiritually) or one who is not stable in righteousness will push the button? Do not be afraid for we see that it can be done effectively when we follow Torah. We are responsible to walk in the right path: Seven Noachide Laws for all people and 613 mitzvos for Jews. May it be soon and instantaneously that we see salvation with joy and glad hearts.

Lubavitcher Rebbe in a sicha

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