No Passport Required!

The event is approaching.

It is not a vacation; it is not an escape; it is GEULAH!

There is no passport required, no boarding pass, no need to check your luggage.  Every Jew gets a window seat on the ananei shamaya (clouds of heaven) which will elevate us above this world of limitation and falsehood, above all the limitations which we know.

The only “passport” is the holy neshama which is buried deep inside every Jew (but not so deep that it can’t be revealed, G.d forbid).  You don’t need to renew this “passport”, and you won’t accidentally leave it behind.  All you are asked to do is express it, reveal it, and live it!!  This represents the fulfillment of your destiny!

Today they still issue passports and still sell tickets on El Al.  Early check-in, carry-on luggage, passports and visas, and don’t forget the duty-free!  That is galut=exile.

Mashiach is geulah, and with Mashiach we will not fly to Israel via El Al (or any plane for that matter) for every Jew will himself be “El Al“: upwards, to the sky!

Prepare for take-off!


One Response to “No Passport Required!”

  1. When exactly is our Time of Departure?

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