The Vision depends on the Glasses

At the time of the geulah (meaning: now), it will be like two twins in the womb.  For nine months the womb has been very comfortable, all they could want.  But now, the walls of the womb start convulsing and things are not like they were before.

The twins:

One of the twins starts screaming in fear “It’s the end!! It’s the end!!  G.d help us!!  Oy-what have we done to deserve this?!”

His brother, on the other hand, is getting excited, and starts talking about how wonderful it will be to finally go out into the world, to experience real life, all the things they will see and be able to do, this is the whole reason for being cramped in for so long–it’s so exciting it’s finally happening!!

Same womb.  Same birth.   Different vision.

It all depends on the glasses.

Take the advice of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai: put on the glasses of PNIMIYUT HATORAH, the teachings which will help you experience the coming out of exile (=the birth) with rachamim.

6 Responses to “The Vision depends on the Glasses”

  1. perhaps it depends on what you owe

  2. visionofgeulah Says:

    >> “perhaps it depends on what you owe”
    The Geulah is the DROR the YOVEL when ALL DEBTS ARE CANCELLED!

  3. i hope your right

  4. visionofgeulah Says:

    It’s what TORAH says! Go learn for yourself, don’t put your hope in me!

    The point is not to pay off debts, the point is to clothe ourselves in garments befitting the consummation of the wedding of our neshama with Hashem! For this, one must learn learn learn PNIMIYUT HATORAH!

  5. Yes–learn Chassidus!

    On the subject at hand:

    …the Geulah is called “birth”, like the newborn that its eyes open and he will see and hear and so on because the lights illuminate the vessels, this is how it will be when Moshiach comes that the neshomas will see with the intellect and the eyes of all the neshomas will be opened and they will see like with our sense of sight and so too the ear will hear and so on. Like the difference between the moment of sleep and waking, when he wakes up his intellect shines in his brain and he will differentiate and know everything. (Toras Chayim Tetzaveh 334a)

  6. the fact is, golus as it has extended to this day has no explanation specifically al pi chassidus. plenty of jews are in pain and words in a book dont put food on their table or make them feel any better about their suffering , hub a bissel rachmonos. Open your eyes and see all the misa mishune’s occuring within the chasidishe communities and say ad mosai not because were such big fairshteyers in G-d’s plan but because the time is up , it makes no sense , there is too much pain and its time for Gilui Moshiach. Learning about the geula makes one live with the geula and i am all for your efforts , but geula is golus with an aleph NOT just the aleph. The pain and confusion of your brothers is not just a perspective adjustment , its real and the solution is geula not dogma.

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