Rise from the dust!


This world is called “alma d’shikra” the world of lies.

It is a world of garbage of waste of filth!  It is exile!

The truth is here, but it has fallen into the filth, become covered with it.  Look at the truth and one only sees the filth that coats it.  The fallen sukkah of David.

What are we doing here?  Quite simply: we have a job.  To redeem the sparks of holiness that fell into the filth.

In the process, we have come to think of the filth as our world, and the filth as our bodies.  But what we see is not our world, oh Israel, it is the filth!

Mashiach is coming to lift us out of the filth, together with all the “treasure” that lies in the filth.  Every single one, every single Jew.  But the filth we leave behind.

The world of truth is exactly like this world, down to the last detail.  Except that it is not covered with filth, and so we couldn’t even imagine it.

But we’re going there.  Very soon.

Prepare mentally, prepare physically.

Prepare mentally, this is Torah, the inner Torah of the inner reality.

Prepare physically, this is Mitzvot.

Add and keep adding.  Be ready.  Mashiach loves you and doesn’t want you to feel embarrassed.

Be ready to rise from the dust!


4 Responses to “Rise from the dust!”

  1. Rivka Klein Says:

    Who will rise from the dust? Is it Moshiach?
    Thank you.

  2. until when? ad mosai?

  3. didn’t the Lubavitcher Rebbe say that all the sparks of holiness have been extracted, and the avoda of birur of nitzuzos is over? it seems that the avoda now is of a different sort, like in the days of Moshiach, the spirit of impurity is removed and we rise from kodesh to kodesh. why is there still filth in the world?

  4. one must immediately enter into a close relationship with
    HKB’H, as the time is short and the herald calls out , and
    judgment is quickly pending. Teshuva is the first step, and
    must be entered into NOW!

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