No Jew Will Be Left Behind (III)

First comes the star. The star of Mashiach. The kochav of Mashiach.

Then comes the light. The Light of Mashiah. The Ohr of Mashiach.

This light is a spiritual light. The eye won’t see it but it will envelope the entire world.

This light will “remove the sun from it’s sheath” for every Jew. Every Jew has Divine Light at his core, his “chelek Eloka”, destined to shine. (See the Holy Torah on the mitzva (precept) of Succa: “kol ezrach” = “every one will shine”)

This process is the “ingathering of the exiles”. The last ones, after all the generations since Sinai. Coming home. Not one will be left behind. (To think Mashiach could leave a Jew behind in this world denies the essence of Mashiach!)

Destination: the Land of Israel. The true land of Israel. Eretz Elyona. No Arabs there. No Katyushas or Kassamim there. But Mashiach is there! Our true home. Home sweet home.

And “down here”? This lowly world of klipot? They will ask: Where did all the Jews go? They were here a minute ago, and now: not a trace?! (And in the middle of a war, at that!)

to be continued, G.d willing.

2 Responses to “No Jew Will Be Left Behind (III)”

  1. Roberta Klein Says:

    Do you know when this will happen?
    Sincerely, lioness9

  2. visionofgeulah Says:

    When will this happen? “Today”: as long as you and me and the Chabadnik down the street bring enough of our fellow Jews to positive steps in keeping torah and mitzvot. It really could be today. But me and you are here surfing the internet–lets both get up and go influence our brothers and sisters with love! Then it will be “Today” (really and truly).

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