The Vision of Geulah (1st Installment)

Remember: you don’t need to believe all this is true. Just read it so that you will recognize it when it happens.

Date: Unknown but very near future.

External Description: An unpredicted and unprecedented celestial event will occur. The media will report on the light in the sky. A meteorite? Has a piece of the sun broken off? Is it headed to earth? Indeed something will hurtle to earth. It will crash into one of the most famous synagogues in the world! There is much fear, it seems the future of the earth is uncertain!

Internal Description: This celestial event is the famed “kochav mi’Yaakov” (“a star shoots forth from Jacob”) from Bilaam and the Zohar. It will actually be composed of two components: a “star” that comes from above, and a “rock” that shoots out of the earth, from beneath the North Pole. Mashiach is “within” these components, which will come together and unify.

The Holy Torah refers to them as Mashiach’s star and Mashiach’s eagle.

This is the way that Mashiach will gather every Jew and elevate them painlessly to the heavenly Land of Israel. Eretz ha’elyona. Ingathering the exiles, the true homecoming!

In the famous city with the famous synagogue, what will be seen by eyes that are not-yet-opened will appear to be destruction and tragedy. But it is in truth the complete opposite of this has occurred! They have not tasted death, the Jews in this synagogue! In truth they are the very first to be gathered by Mashiach, living the long awaited dream of 3,000 years!

The “star” will proceed to travel around the globe, gathering all the Jews into the light of Mashiach. Painless. Nothing to fear. Goodbye to this grim, dark world. Hello to the new world, our true home of light and holiness!

Beautiful Jewish nation! Don your garments of splendor–Torah and Mitzvot and especially ahavat Yisrael! Mashiach will take you as you are, so greet him in style: Jewish style!

8 Responses to “The Vision of Geulah (1st Installment)”

  1. when will this happen?

  2. Is the famous city New York? What famous synagogue?

  3. there is only one famous synagogue i know of in new york

  4. have you learnt any nun-aleph or nun-bais?

  5. Dimok…whats the famous synagogue? I think New York has many.

  6. chaim, the only world famous synagogue i know of in new york is 770, which ones do you know of?

  7. I guess I never thought of 770 as a synagogue.

  8. What’s the source for this post? IE. Is this synagogue mentioned in the Zohar? If so, what ma’amar, parsha etc.?

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