Who is writing this?

A Jew, but not (yet) a prophet.

Nevertheless it has fallen to my hand to publicize these matters.

How do I know “what will be”? One could speculate:

  • Perhaps it was revealed by a holy tzaddik (righteous Jew) who wishes for these secrets, which were revealed to him, to be publicized anonymously;
  • Perhaps it was revealed in vivid dreams;
  • Perhaps it was derived from gematria (word values) and sequential Torah Codes;
  • Perhaps a little bird told all this;
  • Perhaps all of the above;

The truth is that how I came to know does not matter. The internet is almost totally unverifiable. I could be (chas veshalom) a faker or a liar or a charlatan or just plain meshuggeh! So you do not have to believe anything that is written here. But still, you should read it. Because when it will occur-may it be soon amen-there will be great benefit for someone to know that it is the long awaited coming of Mashiach (Moshiach-the Messiah) and not something fearful or frightening.


One Response to “Who is writing this?”

  1. Rabbi Ben-Tzion Saloff Says:


    Who are you? I would like to speak to you. I have an Internet radio show every motzai shabbos called the Virtual Farbrengen, and we talk a great deal about the impending geulah. Check it out. virtualyeshiva.com or torahchat.com or you can access it through shoutcast.com.

    Good Shabbos;
    Ben-Tzion Saloff

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