What is this vision?

More details to follow.

To summarize: The events described on this web blog will indeed occur as described: Hashem (G.d Almighty) will redeem His Chosen People Israel like it is written in the holy books of the Jewish people. Know that these events are close and that this preview is reaching your eyes for a reason. It is by Divine Providence that you clicked here.

The old false world is ending. Shed no tears for it. Shake off the desire to cling to its dust.

The true new world is being born. It is the Messianic world, the world described by the Jewish prophets in the Tanach (Bible). It is the world that is the true home of every Jew because every Jew is the son of the King! Soon His sons will be returned to the royal palace to our true Father in Heaven. His trusted agent (Mashiach) will take us out of the confines of this world, just as His trusted agent (Moshe-Moses) took us out of confines of Egypt long ago.

Be happy! There is nothing to fear but fear itself-for there is nothing besides Hashem!


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